Alien Worlds Reaches 500K Active Weekly Players

Image of news story Alien Worlds Reaches 500K Active Weekly Players
21 December 2022

While other top 10 play-to-earn games experienced hard times this week, Alien Worlds saw a huge boost, reaching 500K active players per week, possibly due to their recent “council elections”. Source: DappRadar

Alien Worlds was first announced in July of 2020. Mining on plots of land opened up soon after, and the game has steadily evolved ever since. Alien Worlds’ gameplay is simple: it consists of click-mining, owning land or staking TLM. Alien Worlds has collectible plots of land and tools, and in the future minions and avatars will also be added.

Alien Worlds has three play-to-earn mechanics. The first is by mining on plots of land using tools; the second is passive income from owning land; and the third is a game-ified staking system. Getting started with Alien Worlds is completely free. Every new player receives a shovel that they can use to start mining immediately. However, the F2P payout is extremely low.

The best way to earn with Alien Worlds is to treat it as a finance system. And for that, you will need to buy tokens. How much you invest depends on how much you’re willing to risk.