Alien Worlds NFT Game Wants Your Ideas!

Alien Worlds NFT game announces community crypto grants
20 January 2023

Alien Worlds, the popular NFT card game, has announced the second round of its Galactic Hub crypto grants. The program allows members to develop, build, and expand the Alien Worlds game’s crypto ecosystem. The grants are open to proposals from anyone with an idea for improving or expanding on the Alien Worlds game and Galactic Hubs. The proposal must have a meaningful impact to the community, be feasible with an experienced team, and have clear objectives in the scope of the idea.

What are the grants meant for?

The proposals that pass earn a stipend of TLM crypto tokens to help pay for their development. 

Alien Worlds Galactic Hubs grants come in two tiers—Development, and Pioneer. Both of these award stipends of Trilium (TLM), the game’s crypto tokens, for development. Moreover, both of these game grants can receive up to 500K TLM crypto tokens. Development grants receive their tokens upon completion of the project, whereas Pioneer grants are for long-term game projects with differing pay schedules.

The proposals can include anything related to the Alien Worlds universe, and any new ideas that develop the game’s ecosystem. This can include new narratives, tools, artwork, games that use Alien Worlds tokens and NFTs, interfaces, monitoring systems, and more! For both types of grants, developers receive guidance from the Alien Worlds team, access to the APIs and documentation, and marketing for the product when it’s finished. The applications for grants are open until March 31, 2023. Click here to apply.

Not long ago Alien Worlds opened the first version of their syndicate program. This allowed player-run governments to develop for each of the six game planets. Custodians, or the governments for the individual Planets, are elected by players who stake TLM crypto tokens to that planet. The Syndicates have been busy so far. Offering up proposals to combat bots, provide NFTs to miners, distribute extra Trilium crypto to miners, cross-functionality with other games, and more. There is even a quest-based system in development called Mission Control that partners with other WAX crypto projects.