Undead Blocks FPS Launches Multiplayer Mode

Undead Blocks FPS Web3 zombie game launches Multiplayer
11 January 2023

Undead Blocks, a zombie-killer FPS game, has just announced the launch of a multiplayer feature. Players can now team up with their friends and fight hordes of zombies in co-op mode. This has been highly anticipated by the gaming community and is expected to greatly enhance the gameplay experience. Players can join forces in two-player co-op mode, with one person playing as Eva and the other as Lucas. In the future, there will be opportunities for even more players to join in, as the team plans to add more survivors to the game. 

Undead Blocks has been rapidly growing in popularity ever since its launch. In the past year, the game has hosted $100,000 tournaments, joined the Immutable X ecosystem, and held numerous giveaways. Even in the past two months the project has seen significant progress, and the gameplay has undergone a complete transformation. The recent updates have included new weapons, bosses, unlimited waves, and co-op mode. There are plans for a full release both on PC and mobile later this year, and occasional free tournaments with prize pools of $15,000 for participants.

Zombie survival has long been a popular genre, with games like Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty's zombie modes, and Day-Z capturing gamers everywhere. Undead Blocks brings a new dimension to the genre by introducing Play-to-Earn mechanics, where the longer a player survives, the more in-game currency they earn.

The full game release of Undead Blocks is set for late January 2023, and the team has already revealed plans for future updates, including a mall map, more weapons like the wave gun, additional enemies, and a battle pass system. Recently, Grant Haseley, the executive director of the game, revealed a VIP game mode for NFT-holders, where players will be able to "kill2earn".

Undead Blocks is a free-to-play game with NFTs and a token, $UNDEAD, which will soon be turned into an ecosystem token, $WAGYU. The NFTs give their holders the possibility to earn daily in-game, and they have a total cap of 6,500. So, there is no NFT inflation, like in Axie Infinity for example, where players mint NFTs.