Axie Infinity: Origins Launches Season 2

Axie Infinity Origins launched Season 2 with new rewards
17 January 2023

Axie Infinity has launched Season 2 of Origins, a card-based game that allows users to compete with their Axies. The game features players fighting in arenas using teams of Axies, described as “adorable monsters”. Recently an update introduced the customization of Axies in the form of accessories. The game has seen its share of popularity and has had a dedicated pool of committed players over the past few years.  

Similar to Season 1, Origins Season 2 has a prize pool of 112,000 AXS tokens. This means the game offers over $1.5 million worth of AXS rewards again during Season 2. New and improved gameplay systems are also being introduced for Season 2. These include upgraded crafting progression, daily login rewards, and a new leaderboard system called Eras. Eras are like stages of the leaderboard that will reward players throughout the season. There are four eras, and players will be rewarded at the end of each one. Read our review on Axie Infinity!

Eras and new game mechanics in season 2

The first of the eras is the Rare Era, which will last the first seven days of the 42-day season. After this, players will get rewarded with a payout of 11,200 AXS. Only common and rare runes are offered for crafting during this era, and users can only use basic crafting. Additionally, there are no open utility slots.

The second era is called the Epic Era, which will last longer than the Rare Era, from day 7 to day 21 of the season. All utility slots are open during this era, and intermediate crafting is unlocked. Common, rare, and epic runes and charms are available for crafting.

The third era is called the Mystic Era, which will last from day 21 to day 28 of the season. The total reward payout for this era is 16,800 AXS.

The fourth era is called the Final Era, which is the last leaderboard stage and will last from day 28 to day 42 of the season. The reward payout in this era is 50,400 AXS, and all runes and charms can be crafted or traded.

Eras facilitate the unlocking of rarity in a progressive manner throughout the season. Additionally, there is a daily login reward for all users, meaning players can get lucky by logging in. The leaderboard system is also different in terms of awarding rewards, as users will be rewarded four times in the season. Level-ups will also happen more frequently. All of these changes are a direct result of user feedback and making the appropriate changes.

To kick off Origins Season 2, Axie Infinity has also announced a Bugapalooza launch contest, which runs from January 11 to January 18, 2022. The contest is bug-themed and players can earn contest points and unlock other rewards. When the season ends, Lunacians will receive avatar rewards and avatars commemorating their hard work. In addition, there are new card effects, and the game’s physics has been improved tremendously. All of these features make Origins Season 2 different from Season 1.

Axie Infinity is an innovative and exciting NFT-based game that has a lot of potential as a global economy for Web3 users. Despite its recent difficulties, it is still one of the most-played games established on the blockchain. With the launch of Origins Season 2, the introduction of new gameplay, leaderboard systems, and rewards, the hopes are high.