Make Your Axies Stand out With New Accessories Update

Axie Infinity game lets you customize axies with NFT accessories
9 January 2023

Axie Infinity has released a new feature allowing players to customize their Axies with a wide variety of fancy accessories. The accessories can be purchased and traded in the App.axie marketplace. So if you're an avid player of the game, be sure to check out the marketplace and get your hands on the latest accessories to dress up your axolotl, or Axie. The update gives you the opportunity to customize your Axies and make them stand out in the game.

Axie Infinity’s new accessories are definitely a crucial update for 2023. The accessories are ERC-721 tokens on the App.axie marketplace, where players can trade them. Owners can assign these NFT tokens to any Axies contained in the same wallet. Each Axie can wear up to six accessories at a time, using the "Equip" function in their inventory. Up to six customizations can be applied to each Axie. Once an accessory has been equipped, it cannot be assigned to another Axie. 

The release of these accessories has been highly anticipated ever since Axie Infinity’s Christmas Event, when users could collect festive in-game items. This update not only allows players to further express themselves in the game, but also has the potential to boost the in-game economy. According to Axie Infinity, customization represents a key factor that enhances the enjoyment of many digital avatar games, noting that, “Accessories are an important step towards fortifying the emotional connection between you and your Axies.”