Trickshot Blitz

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  • Trickshot Blitz poster
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  • Trickshot Blitz game screenshots
  • Trickshot Blitz game screenshots
  • Trickshot Blitz game screenshots
  • Trickshot Blitz game screenshots
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Our Review
Fun to Play
Easy to Learn


  • Easy to learn
  • Free to play and earn
  • Simple, fun gameplay


  • A tiny bit tricky to aim sometimes
  • Not real "pool", but a version of it
  • Earnings are currently very low, but that could change
Time of writing • 6 March 2023

Trickshot Blitz

Trickshot Blitz is a simple arcade-style app for playing pool on your phone. It’s free to play, free to earn, and free to have fun. As you progress through the game and improve your skills, you can take part in multiple tournaments and earn various rewards, including the in-game token, which can be withdrawn using your crypto wallet.

Brought to you by Joyride Games, Inc., Trickshot Blitz is a no-nonsense Web3 game you can play on the go, between meetings, or anytime you have free time. Why not earn from it?

Trickshot Blitz gameplay

What Is Trickshot Blitz About?

Pool. Trickshot Blitz is about pool. Nothing more, nothing less. The game encourages you to master various skills, such as…trickshots…in order to level up in numerous categories. How many categories could there possibly be in pool? Not many, admittedly, so the game has included standard categories to get players addicted, for example checking in each day to claim rewards.

Trickshot Blitz tokens

Even though Trickshot Blitz has a lot of tournaments, and you can oftentimes see people’s profile images, there is no way to communicate with other players in-game, so this is not a social app.

Getting Started in Trickshot Blitz

Go to Trickshot Blitz’s landing page, or visit your app store for Apple or Android. Download the app on your phone, enter your phone number, then the code sent to you via text message, and you’re ready to go! The app suggested a username for me. I’m not sure if the app had somehow infiltrated my phone data to come up with “YellowMissingLarva” as my username, and if it had, I don’t know what would have prompted it, but I don’t mind.

Trickshot Blitz username

After getting into the game, you’ll be besieged with a slew of menu options, tutorial images, and more. Maybe “slew” isn’t the best word. You’ll get a ton of them? You’ll be blitzed with them? That joke was tricky, but I had to take a shot.

Trickshot Blitz getting started

The main game token is the Rally token ($RLY). There’s a maximum supply of roughly 3.5 billion RLY, and the current price is about $0.02. That may not seem like much, but it’s a 100% increase on last month at the time of writing this review. So, there’s potential for real earnings there. Just not that much at the moment.

Trickshot Blitz $RLY

In the game you’ll be able to compete in tournaments and PvP competitions. The rewards are “coins” that can be used to enter various competitions, some sort of golden ticket that was never really explained, and of course, RLY tokens. The coins allow you to compete for more coins, and the tokens allow you to compete for more tokens. What this means is each competition has an entry fee. Essentially, you pay for this entry fee by…playing more, and collecting daily rewards simply by opening the game. You don't have to pay any real money in Trickshot Blitz.

Trickshot Blitz challenges

Gameplay in Trickshot Blitz

Trickshot Blitz is not standard pool in that you begin a game by breaking with a cue ball. The balls are all one color (red), and they’re already broken, occupying random locations across the table. There’s also a golden “crown” ball (more on that in a moment), and a cue ball. Each game has a two-minute timer that begins when you start to aim. Aiming is done by dragging your finger around the screen, and lining up your stick with the cue ball.

Trickshot Blitz cueball

Vector lines will be shone so you can calculate where your shot will go. Each pocket is assigned points from 10 to 100. Sink a ball in the pocket that has “20” in it, and you get 20 points. Sink the crown ball in “20”, and you likewise get 20 points. But, once you sink the crown ball, the points will rotate around the pool table, so save this ball for when you want to readjust pocket values.

Trickshot Blitz also gives you the choice of where you want to hit the cue ball, which allows more skilled players to get more trickshots. A trickshot is sinking a ball using a combo of two or more balls, by bouncing a ball off the edge and then into a pocket, or by throwing your phone against a brick wall and it lands in the trash can. You get more points for trickshots, obviously.

Trickshot Blitz categories

In terms of gameplay, everything seemed as realistic as you could make it for a phone version, except for two things. One: aiming was somehow…sticky. When you drag your finger across the screen, the vector that shows where your ball will go can sometimes jump unexpectedly, or move too fast or too slowly. As a result, aiming your shot can be rather time-consuming, something you can ill afford with that two-minute timer. I never understood the purpose of the timer, either. As far as I’m concerned, it served only to make me nervous.

And two: the number of scratches was statistically impossible. I don’t mean table scratches, where the cue ball fails to hit a ball, but a pocket scratch, where the cue ball is pocketed. I’m no pool expert, but I have played a lot of it in real life, and my percentage of scratches has never been as high as a quarter to a third of all my strokes. It’s simply inconceivable that given standard dimensions, the chance of randomly pocketing a cue ball would be higher than 15%.

Trickshot Blitz tournament

Now for the big question: how is Trickshot Blitz a Web3 game? You don’t have to stake anything, you don’t have to buy any NFTs. The only Web3 aspect is getting a payout. I couldn’t find how to connect a wallet in the app, and after scrolling through the help section, I was instructed to join their Discord to find out how to connect. Again, a game where you have to leave the game to find out how to fully play the game.

Their Discord however did not have any of the information I could find, despite over 30,000 members. Luckily, I remembered that Trickshot Blitz has a homepage, or rather their devs have a homepage. I took a shot, went to their homepage, and found out how to connect my wallet. Enter the same phone number you joined the game with once you’re on that page, connect Metamask if you have it, and you’re in business.

Trickshot Blitz wallet

The current price of RLY is extremely low, however, as mentioned above. So for now, enjoy playing, and wait for your winnings to actually amount to some value. You might be asking: how can you earn from Trickshot Blitz by playing it entirely for free? At one point I saw that you could watch ads to continue playing if you ran out of coins, but I never saw any actual ads, or the possibility to watch any. This is one of the many mysteries of the blockchain metaverse.

Trickshot Blitz crypto

Trickshot Blitz Conclusion

If you’re even a little bit of a pool enthusiast, then you’ll enjoy Trickshot Blitz. Despite the very minor glitches, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s very simple to play. The only real investment you’ll have to make at this moment is your time, and your patience, because the value of the in-game token is currently so low. Keep playing long enough, however, and hopefully you’ll be able to pocket some money.

Our Review
Fun to Play
Easy to Learn
Earnings Per Day
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