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Our Review
Fun to Play
Easy to Learn


  • Easy and fun to play
  • Seemingly endless creative opportunities
  • Extremely active community


  • Narrow screen makes it hard to see
  • Battles are too passive or difficult to control
  • Free play is very limited, but buying gold opens a lot of doors, some of which can be expensive
Time of writing • 2 January 2023

Tap Fantasy Review


Tap Fantasy is an extremely popular Web3 game where players explore the magical land of Odom, as well as earn based on their own creativity. Tap Fantasy claims to be more than just a game—it’s a platform, and not only for third-party developers, but players, too! This sounds great, yet it’s not quite that simple, as we’ll discuss in this review. You’ll really need to know what you’re doing to create in-app apps. And while it is free to play, it’s much more engaging as a play-to-earn game.

Because it was created using HTML 5, you don’t need to download anything. Just open the URL, and you’re ready to start collecting tools, weapons and armor, battling monsters, choosing skins, and much more. Originally released on Facebook in 2021 by Takayasu Games from Japan, Tap Fantasy quickly became one of the most beloved adventure and MMORPG games on the platform. You can also play it on mobile.

What’s Tap Fantasy About?

As you might have guessed from the name, Tap Fantasy is about tapping into your own personal fantasy realm. In addition to battling adversaries, leveling up, and joining clubs, you can craft your own equipment, skins, and more. The best way to do this is to “tap for gold”, which is the main currency that you can purchase. Once you have gold, the full game experience will be unlocked, depending of course on how much gold you actually “tap”. You can join clubs that are mostly based on language and competitiveness, and you can trade items in the Market, all while making new friends. Or frenemies. Whether you choose solo or team play will drastically change how you play the game.

Tap Fantasy 2.png

What’s more, Tap Fantasy is also a platform specifically for third-party developers, and that can include you! To advance in the game, you’ll need to acquire NFTs for the characters you control. What makes Tap Fantasy stand out, however, is that you can create your own NFTs, in the form of gameplay items, as well as property and…games. That’s right, you can make mini-games inside the main game.

Getting Started in Tap Fantasy

To play Tap Fantasy, just go to the game’s landing page and click on “Play Now”. It’s easy to spot, right between the two damsels in distress, or rather who are almost lacking a dress. Next “Create New Account”, choose your own username and password, and on the next screen “bind” your email. The game supports BSC and Solana wallets, so choose which you prefer, and then you’re in!

Tap Fantasy landing page

If you want to play for free, you don’t have to bind your email, it’s enough to just click on one of these wallets. If you later change your mind and want to tap for gold, though, you can connect your wallet at any time while you’re in the game. 

Tap Fantasy 3.png

Free play is rather limiting, we have to be honest. You’ll only be able to battle a few times per day before your stamina is exhausted, and it takes several hours for it to restore. Plus, you obviously won’t have access to any of the unique NFT items the game offers. But you do get free characters to play in free mode.

Tap Fantasy Gameplay

Once you’re in, choose your gender and start out as the default Alvin or Aliya, who are humans.

Tap Fantasy 5.png

A boat will drop you off near some houses. If you enter the house with the cat, you can get your first playable team member. 

Tap Fantasy 6.png

As you can see below, this cat is actually “Felisian”, so he can haz speak English funny. You’ll be able to have more characters join up the same way as you progress in the game, but to do this, you have to say the right things to them. Sadly or not, the damsels in distress from earlier aren’t actually in the game.

Tap Fantasy 4.png

Now that there are two members in your team, you can “challenge” enemies you encounter while you explore the land. Challenging is based on how much stamina, or health, you have, which is represented by bolts of lightning. The fighting itself is automatic. Don’t worry—if you lose a challenge, you haven’t wasted any stamina. But if you win the challenge, get ready to collect endless amounts of weapons, food ingredients, armors, and so on. You can combine identical items to upgrade them, making the characters you play more powerful and resilient. After each challenge, your stamina is restored, so you don’t have to waste time searching for hearts or the equivalent. Your characters, by the way, level up when you feed them ungodly amounts of food that you’ve collected and prepared. If only that were true in real life…

Tap Fantasy 7.png

The map is fairly large, and to progress, you will need to master each progressive land you explore in Odom, as the enemies will simply overwhelm you otherwise. Each land introduces new characters you can play, and you can also unlock the map towers to get an overview of where you are exactly.

You’ll occasionally come across villages, and many of these villages have houses where you can buy, create, and enhance NFT items for the game, such as skins, armor, weapons, and meals. Enter the Market by tapping on the Trade tab at the bottom of the screen if you want to buy, sell or trade unique items to enhance your gameplay. Joining a Club also changes the dynamic of Tap Fantasy. There are many club events to participate in, lots of socializing, and your real-world teammates and you can help each other with techniques and items.

Tap Fantasy 8.png

While it’s easy to interact with other players in Tap Fantasy, the game itself also promotes it actively while you’re playing. Notifications frequently appear on the screen letting players know that a new feature is available for solo players or clubs, such as a boss to fight, and the game also congratulates players on major accomplishments.

One feature of Tap Fantasy that might be unexpected for some is that it resets every 90 days, meaning you and your club basically have to start from scratch. This might frustrate players, or it might be a welcome opportunity to ensure fairness for all, so the game is not forever dominated by a lonely few. You do get to keep your NFTs, of course, so that’s a plus.

Gameplay in a browser is a little underwhelming, as the narrow screen makes it hard to see what manner of creature you’re battling. It really seems like sometimes you’re fighting a book, or some sort of angry egg. The map itself is reminiscent of bygone 8-bit NES days, but maybe that’s intentionally a link to the past. While Tap Fantasy can be fun for everyone, the artwork is clearly geared more toward hardcore cosplayers.

Tap Fantasy 11.png

Conclusion of the Tap Fantasy Review

Because of all the options available to you, for example the mini-games in addition to the other ample creative opportunities, Tap Fantasy is a fun world to lose yourself in. You can always try something new (or even make something new!), compete at any level you feel comfortable with, or if you simply like farming and combining items to pass the time, you’ll definitely get your daily fix here.

Starting the game is straightforward and easy, as is connecting your wallet. The devs clearly wanted to make a fun, addictive game, and it would seem they have succeeded. The third-party developer aspect that makes this game a platform as well could very well become a trend for future Web3 games.

Our Review
Fun to Play
Easy to Learn
Cost to Start Playing
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