Gunfire AVAX

Gunfire Avar gameplay
  • Gunfire Avar gameplay
  • Gunfire AVAX game screenshots
  • Gunfire AVAX game screenshots
  • Gunfire Avar gameplay

Introducing Gunfire AVAX, a thrilling #freestart casual combat shooter game powered by the Avalanche blockchain! Get ready to immerse yourself in non-stop action with automated firing mechanics, where your main focus is to control your hero's movement while the gun does the rest. Monsters beware—there's no escaping your relentless fire!

In Gunfire AVAX, you'll step into the shoes of a heroic gunslinger, battling menacing enemies and collecting valuable in-game goods to boost your energy. Upgrade your hero and equipment as you earn tokens and conquer challenging stages.

Maximize your profits in Gunfire AVAX with various opportunities:

  1. Win endless mode, weekly events, or complete stages for award prizes;
  2. Enhance your in-game items' rarity levels and sell them at a premium on the marketplace.
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