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Fun to Play
Easy to Learn


  • Great shooting and movement mechanics
  • Incredible accessibility - works in a browser and runs extremely smoothly
  • Well explained and organised web3-components


  • User interface and game menus are clunky and confusing
  • Game mechanics are too simplistic compared to similar games available today
  • Graphics could be better


Halo was one of the biggest first person shooters that changed the multiplayer gaming landscape of the early 2000’s. Destiny rekindled the fire in 2013, with Halo Infinite coming back in 2021 to increase choice for gamers. These are all shooters where everything you earn is digital and directly connected to the game. Ev.io, a browser-based shooter inspired by these FPS behemoths, aims to take it a notch further.

Gameplay and Matchmaking

Ev.io is an FPS that focuses on fun shooting and traversal mechanics. It has different weapons, grenade types, a double jump (nice!) and even a teleporting ability. Basic shooting mechanics are well-executed - your weapon shoots where it’s pointed, with recoil and damage depending on the weapon type. Some guns shoot further, such as the sniper rifle, others, for example the shotgun, have stronger recoil, but are good up-close.

It is important to note that you can play a match without even registering by just going to ev.io. An account allows the player to keep their settings and progress when returning later. With this being a web3 game, the registration process is fairly straightforward without any hustle. Neither a wallet nor purchase are necessary to jump in and play.

Clicking on the Settings tab will open a healthy settings tab menu with lots of possibilities for optimising gameplay and performance.

There is a starting ranged weapon and a sword. The starting weapon can be changed from the abilities tab in the top area of the screen. The sword is your basic melee weapon that can be fun to use in certain situations. Switching between weapons is not fast enough for the sword to be used in all situations, so I stopped using it as soon as I stopped playing with bots. The reload times are also fairly slow, but the magazine sizes on the starting weapons are very generous, so it is not that big of an issue.

Movement is fluid and fast, double jumps are precise and the sprint makes you feel as if you are indeed running faster - not all games can capture that feeling of speed.

Starting the game, you are put into a very Halo- / Quake 3-style map - big open spaces, some ledges here and there, with 7 other players and new weapons to be found in the field. So far I’ve found a shotgun, a sniper rifle, a rocket launcher, a grenade launcher, a submachine gun and a very satisfying long-range pistol. These are all fun to use, with the latter gun being my personal favorite. There are different weapons available in different maps, so possibly more weapons will be added to the game later on.

Matches last around 3 minutes and are a quick burst of adrenaline when playing against real players.

In general though, the game leaves a lot to be desired - it’s a strong base for a great game in a few years time. The graphics are poor, but that can be excused because the game runs at an uncapped framerate in a browser. However, with how little variety there is in the abilities, weapons and progression, Ev.io is not comparable to any Halo or Destiny games from the past years. Two things that I feel are lacking straight away are grabbing onto ledges and sliding on the ground, which would elevate the traversal to a whole other level.

The game UI and movement around menus is also confusing and needs a thorough tutorial guide to understand properly.

The abilities menu is the menu in question, with it not being clear enough how the skillpoint and ability systems work.


Web3 Components & Community

In case players want to start earning, further steps have to be taken. Adding a wallet being the first, it is fairly straightforward, however, only Fractal and Phantom wallets are supported, according to the ev.io info page. After a wallet has been added, the player must purchase an NFT armour, weapon or sword using Solana from the Fractal.is store.

Now with every game the player starts accumulating an intermediary currency called “e”, which at a certain point can be converted into Solana and sold. The amount of “e” accumulated depends on the amount and rarity of the equipped NFTs. For example, a player with one rare weapon will accumulate less “e” than someone with a rare armour, weapon and sword set. All NFTs can be explored on the official ev.io exploration page.

A selection of sword NFTs in ev.io.

The amount of money players can earn depends on a multitude of factors, including the price of Solana and the amount of sponsorships ev.io accepts. The company is aiming for at least a $120,000 pot for players to earn from, according to a developer post in the ev.io Discord channel. A more in-depth explanation on earnings can be found in the ev.io Discord server’s #earn channel.

The community of the game is lively - playing for a few hours I have encountered many actual players instead of bots and had my shooter skills thoroughly tested. According to Ev.io’s activity tab on Fractal.is, there are NFTs being traded every few hours, which is a sign of a healthy community.


Ev.io is an FPS that is good for a quick and fun shooting experience that can scratch that Halo or Quake 3 itch for an old-school fan. The guns are fun to use, the traversal is good enough and the tension during matches is definitely there. A huge benefit is that it can be played in a browser - all you need is a good enough mouse to aim and shoot.

The game package, however, seems rushed and needs work, including gameplay onboarding, user interface, menu organisation and upgrade systems management. The developers seem to be very focused on the monetisation part of the game, which is well-explained and organised - now is the time to refocus and make the gaming experience worth the investment.

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