How to play ev.io to start earning SOL

Ev.io has a quick guide for more experienced in crypto to start earning. Let's go through the steps to connect your wallet, buy a character skin and start playing to earn SOL.

1. Register at ev.io/register

image9.png We recommend registering your account first so it is easier to connect your wallet and transfer the character skin.

  • Click “Create new account” and fill out the form

2. Register at Fractal.is to create a wallet.

image4.png You will need a wallet to be able to buy a character skin to start earning money. Fractal.is provides a browser based wallet that you can connect to ev.io.

  • Click on the “Connect Wallet” button on the top right corner of the page.


  • Choose “Fractal Wallet” on the next screen
  • If you already have any other wallets created like Phantom, Coinbase Wallet etc then you can choose them from the “View all Solana wallets…” list below.


  • Sign in with preferred option – Google, Twitter or Discord


  • Write down your recovery words in a safe place to be able to recover your wallet if something happens.

3. Buy a character to start earning SOL while you play

image6.png  Ev.io characters have different rarity levels that will have a little boost on your earnings while you play. 5% earn bonus for each jump in tier:

  • common (100% earn rate, 150 max supply)
  • rare (105% earn rate, 100 max supply)
  • epic (110% earn rate, 75 max supply)
  • legendary (115% earn rate and 50 max supply).


  • Choose a character you like and click “Buy Now”


4. Connect Fractal Wallet to ev.io

image5.png  We can now connect Fractal Wallet to the game so we can transfer our bought character to the game.

  • Go to ev.io and click on the profile tab on the top
  • Click “Connect Wallet”


  • Choose the wallet you chose before. Either Fractal Wallet or some other wallet you preferred.

5. Transfer character to game.

image2.png  Now we have to transfer the character to the game.

  • Click on the profile in the game
  • If you have connected your wallet correctly then you should see a “Current Wallet Address” in the top area, which is your personal game wallet address.
  • Open your wallet and transfer your character NFT to this address.
  • After the transfer you should be able to see the character in the list below.

6. Equip your character and start earning!


  • Equip your new character below and start playing and earning.

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