Chain of Legends

Chain of Legends is a play-to-earn NFT game that allows players to:

  1. Buy land, build a CLEG token mine, and start earning game tokens.
  2. Sell tokens on exchanges or grow their empire by constructing Stone and Iron mines to produce resources for progress.
  3. Build barracks and train troops, then explore the world, find dungeons, kill monsters, and collect treasure. Troops gain experience and levels through battles and adventures.
  4. Fight other players for control of treasure islands and collect treasures, while defending occupied islands from invasions by other players. Fights are automated, and players can set their troops' formations and strategies before watching the battle replay.
  5. Use the Marketplace to trade resources, troops, and land.
  6. Play for free: each player can receive a free mine and land with low mining speed and capacity, or through a referral program.





Cost to Start Playing