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Our Review
Fun to Play
Easy to Learn


  • Easy to learn
  • Simple to connect your wallet
  • Extremely fun to play


  • Currently very expensive to start
  • Low earnings potential
  • Uses a questionable verification app
Time of writing • 13 January 2023

Benji Bananas Review

Benji Bananas is one of the top arcade-style 2D mobile games of the past decade, with over 50 million downloads. This simple, side-scrolling adventure game is very reminiscent of the classic Atari game Pitfall, where you control a character as it swings from vine to vine in the jungle. As you can see in this image, the gameplay might be similar, but the graphics have improved somewhat, to say the least.

Benji Bananas Pitfall

Benji Bananas was originally released as a free-to-play game in 2013 by Animoca Brands, the developers of other popular games like Revv Motorsport and The Sandbox. A year later, the sequel, Benji Bananas Adventures, was released, with over a hundred new levels. And in early 2022 it was re-released, this time with a Web3 dimension. Gameplay remains more or less the same, but players can now earn money from their achievements. The game also regularly holds tournaments that players can compete in and earn rewards.

Benji Bananas apps

What’s Benji Bananas About?

Benji Bananas is about a monkey named Benji who likes bananas. It’s one of those rare games where the developers successfully described the entire game in the name. You as the player control Benji (he’s a monkey) as he swings through the jungle collecting prizes (mostly bananas). The original two releases of the game consisted of levels that had to be cleared, each progressively difficult.

Benji Bananas—the Web3 release—features more or less the same type of gameplay, but these levels are essentially neverending. Sort of similar to Flappy Birds in that you compete against yourself, and other players, to get as far as you can on a level. When (not if) you fall from a vine to your death, your achievements are not lost, and you start over to try and go even farther than before. In-game tokens that you earn depend on your skill and success.

Getting Started in Benji Bananas

To get started in Benji Bananas, just go to the game’s landing page (you’ll need to use Chrome if you’re on a Mac, which is weird, because you can see monkeys if you’re on a real-life safari). Click on “Connect Wallet”, and since it uses MetaMask, entering the game is fairly straightforward.

Benji Bananas getting started

To be able to access Benji Bananas, you’ll need a Benji Bananas: Membership Pass, which can be purchased at OpenSea. At the time of writing this review, a Membership Pass was being offered at a special price of only 0.08 ETH, which translates to roughly $84, and now $95, no now it’s $103. At the time of publishing this review, a Membership Pass cost about $112.

Benji Bananas membership pass cost

What is slightly unique for Benji Bananas is that you have to follow through with a KYC step to get started. You know, preventing terrorism and money-laundering…that sort of stuff. For this, Benji Bananas wants you to use a company in Hong Kong.

Benji Bananas Gameplay

The original two releases of Benji Bananas are available as downloadable apps, and were designed specifically for tablets and smartphones. It is, however, possible to play both games on a desktop using a mouse or trackpad. How you interface with the game is irrelevant, as all you have to do is press and release at the right time. Just like in this Web3 release version, which however is only playable on a browser and not an app.

Benji Bananas gameplay

Gameplay itself in Benji Bananas is extremely simple—and addictive—and you’ll likely learn how in the first few seconds of the game. All you have to do after that is get better at swinging. To help with this task, the game offers numerous boosters and power-ups for longer jumps. You can also get a lot of cosmetic upgrades, but unlike many Web3 games, these are not NFTs that you can sell or trade. In other words, they’re just for you, like in a traditional console game.

Benji Bananas tokens

The developers of Benji Bananas describe the game as being physics-based, which is largely true. However, if you’re going fast enough when you grab a vine, you can swing a full 360-degree circle. Cool, right? Physics would thus let you swing backwards at the very top of a full-circle swing. The laws of physics in “Benjiworld”, however, fail to mention that there is an invisible wall that magically appears if you attempt to release from a vine and travel the other direction. I would challenge any players to move to the left, but it seems that Benji only swings one way.

Despite the currently high price of getting a membership pass to play the Web3 release of Benji Bananas, players can actually purchase more than one pass. It’s currently limited to a maximum of five membership passes. This in theory allows you to earn more money. Five passes equates to a 1.5x multiplier for your scores, which directly translates to more rewards. But is it worth it? Well, the top scorer has a 1.5x multiplier and earned over 32,000 $PRIMATE tokens. In other words approximately $500—currently less than the cost of purchasing those five membership passes for the 1.5x multiplier.

Benji Bananas socreboard

Apart from cashing out your earned in-game tokens whenever you want, what can you actually do with them? You can get more boosters and power-ups that allow you to increase your gameplay even more, thereby also improving your earnings potential.

Benji Bananas Conclusion

The developers of Benji Bananas describe the Web3 release as a play-AND-earn game as opposed to play-TO-earn. At least they’re honest that you can’t really earn too much money playing this game. Gameplay is definitely fun and enjoyable, in any version. If you’re extremely addicted to the game, then it would certainly be worth your while trying to make some money playing it. You’ll eventually break even, and maybe a bit more, and then you can cash out.

Benji Bananas liquidity

If you just want to enjoy Benji Bananas and its playful graphics, you might want to stick to the original two releases. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy watching Curious George’s cousin experience the effects of a durian?

Benji Bananas levels

To sum up, Benji Bananas is a wonderful game. The current Web3 release, however, does not provide much in terms of earning money unless you’re a hardcore fan with loads of time and money to spend in the jungle. Still, it’s much more enjoyable than your standard Web3 game.

Our Review
Fun to Play
Easy to Learn
Cost to Start Playing