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Our Review
Fun to Play
Easy to Learn


  • Easy gameplay
  • Easy to install


  • Limited movement
  • Small player community
Time of writing • 15 November 2022


Arsenal is a 3D FPS game similar to Counter-Strike, developed by Fabwelt. It features play-and-earn mechanics that lets players earn money while they combat other players. Its visual style and gameplay take inspiration from Counter-Strike and Battlefield. The player can choose between different game modes such as capture the flag, tdm, clan battles, tournaments and others.


The player picks one of 4 classes, you have the regular (assault, recon…) with typical weapons. Don’t worry you’re not locked into one class and can change it mid-game. Shooting and movement controls are typical for a competitive fps and there’s nothing hard there. The maps look good and are easy to navigate, but sadly there’s no ledge grabbing and slides which would make the maps more traversable. The gameplay is straightforward to anyone who has played Counter-strike or the likes. The hardest challenge was navigating the game menu. The weapons feel good after some tweaking in the options, although the sounds would need some work.


Downloading the game from the Arsenal webpage is fairly straightforward. You can download it for windows or Mac and mobile versions are on the way, the android version is supposedly 98% done. Once you have downloaded the  game you will need a crypto wallet to connect it to the blockchain.  There are a few options you can use Metamask that probably is the most popular one or you can use Trustwallet. There are also options on what blockchain you wish to use the in-game money or token Welt, which is built on the Binance smart chain but the in-game collectibles are mostly traded on marketplace with polygon network.

You can earn Welt tokens by playing the game and once you have earned some you can buy new weapons  that are better than the starting weapons. There are also some collectibles that give you a multiplier to boost your Welt token rewards. There are also collectible skins for new characters. It’s hard to tell how profitable playing Arsenal can be, because of the lack of players. But the market cap of Welt tokens seems to have some growth room if the game grows in popularity. 


There are not a lot of Arsenal players at the moment, so you might end up playing against bots. The Arsenal discord server has around 3100 members, but it feels quiet. They also have a telegram that has 15000 members but it’s hard to say how many of them are active. 


Arsenal has a promising start, but needs some time to work out the kinks and polish the gameplay. There are some bugs in the maps and maybe weapon  sounds could be better, but I am sure those issues are much easier to fix than the lack of active players. Fabwelt needs to figure out a way to attract new players and engage the community to form a stronger playerbase. Before  they do that, I don’t really see a way that you could truly enjoy it.

Our Review
Fun to Play
Easy to Learn
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