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Our Review
Fun to Play
Easy to Learn


  • Simple to learn
  • Overall a lot of fun
  • Addictive, but not enough to interfere with your normal life


  • All the games are clones, but most do have fun, original takes on them
  • Not a social game
  • Earnings currently fairly low
Time of writing • 10 March 2023


Arc8 is a platform for arcade games on your mobile device with a major Web3 component: you play, and you earn. Brought to you by Gamee, Arc8 currently offers 13 different games of multiple genres.

Arc8 games

Card game types from solitaire to poker, physics-based arcade games, puzzles, and more—almost all of the games in Arc8 are modern takes on classic games. They are free to play, and the better you get, the more you can compete against other real players, and equally earn real money. The only problem is that GMEE tokens aren’t worth very much at the moment, so you’d have to really play and win often to make much money. This could change though. I spent an entire day playing the various games in Arc8, and only managed to collect GMEE tokens from the daily claims for a combined total of 2.5 cents US. There is also no possibility to talk to other players, so this is not a social game.

What’s Arc8 About?

Arc8 is about having fun. As the devs themselves say, “We create our games with one goal: your entertainment. There is no luck in Arc8—your success is in your hands.” This is mostly true, as action arcade games require a fair amount of dexterity and hand–eye coordination. Card games, however, and especially casino-style games like poker and blackjack, require a healthy combination of strategy, judgment, and…luck. Your potential career as a statistician could definitely come in handy with these sorts of games.

Your goal in Arc8, in addition to having fun playing games, is to win tournaments and PvP games. The more you win, the more $GMEE tokens you can earn, which can be cashed out for real money.

Getting Started in Arc8

To get started in Arc8, download the app on your mobile device from App Store, Google Play, or the landing page. Choose a username, and then choose your game. Onboarding for Arc8 is no-nonsense. After playing a while, if you’ve managed to rack up any GMEE, just click on “Wallet” in the bottom-right, and follow the easy instructions to connect your wallet. You can also purchase GMEE at any time even by using your credit card.

Arc8 Tournament

In addition to cashing out your GMEE, you’ll also need it to enter higher-stakes games and tournaments.

Arc8 getting started

Think of it as an entry fee, along with the purple diamonds known in Arc8 as “credits”. Both of these are used for practice matches and various tournaments.

Arc8 tokens

As you get better at the various games in Arc8, you’ll have no problem keeping your wallet topped up with these two in-game currencies.


Gameplay in Arc8, by Game

Pirate Solitaire

Pirate Solitaire is a pirate-themed version of the classic solitaire game Klondike, which rose to superstardom on Windows operating systems. It’s simplified from the Windows version, however, in that you can only flip over one card at a time, instead of the normal three in casino-style. I’m not sure if I did something very wrong, or very right, but I won four games in a row, meaning I cleared all the cards. I think on Windows I’ve maybe won four times total in my whole life. However, these were also PvP games (where the other player presumably has the same cards). I don’t see how I could have played faster, but because of my final score, I still lost to the other player. As previously mentioned, there is no possibility to communicate with other players, so I cannot be sure if I lost to a bot, or a real person. And watch out for the random roach crawling across the screen! Final score: fun.

Arc8 Pirate Solitaire

Wizard’s 21

Wizard’s 21 is an interesting version of blackjack where you’re playing four games at once. You have four columns, one for each hand, and as you flip over cards, you have to choose which column to place it in, without going bust (meaning without the total score of the hands in any one column being higher than 21). Once you reach 21 exactly, or get five cards in one column, the column is cleared and you can start over. The goal of this game is to clear the deck, and hopefully, all the columns as well. Final score: very fun.

Arc8 Wizards 21

Globo Run

Globo Run is essentially a clone of Temple Run, except instead of controlling some dude who never seems to get tired from sprinting, you control a ball that can bounce on command. The further you progress, the more you win. Final score: sorta’ fun.

Arc8 Globo Run


Hexonix is a clone of the popular game Block! Hexa Puzzle. Your task is to complete lines using combinations of hexagons in various shapes and colors inside a larger hexagon. Once you’ve completed a line, it’s cleared, and you’re free to continue placing more pieces. At all times you’ll have a choice of differently-shaped pieces to play, which you can also rotate to fit the way you want. If you suffer from trypophobia, then don’t read the rest of this sentence: Hexonix makes me think of honeycomb in a beehive. Final score: pretty fun.

Arc8 Hexonix

Qube 2048

Qube 2048 is a fun combination of the popular 2048 game combined with a mix of pinball and a coin pusher. You start with a table and a few low-level blocks like 2, 4, or 8. The pinball aspect comes in as you are given another block with a number on it, and you have to aim it using a rubberband. Try to hit a block with a matching number on it, which will then combine (if you hit a 2 with a 2, you’ll get a 4). Meanwhile, the back of the table is slowly pushing the blocks toward you, like a coin pusher game. Unlike the coin pusher, however, you don’t want any of the blocks to reach the rubberband. Score: very fun.

Arc8 Qube 2048

99 Blocks

99 Blocks is a mix of TetrisCandy Crush, and Sudoku. The object is to place blocks that are straight out of Tetris onto a board with nine large squares, each large square in turn containing nine smaller squares—like Sudoku. Once you’ve filled them up based on colors or other criteria, they disappear, like Candy Crush. Score: very fun.

Arc8 99 Blocks

Samurai Hold’em

Samurai Hold’em is a quirky version of Texas Hold’em in which you make poker combinations out of cards in a pool, and cards in your hand. There are cherry blossoms on the side of the screen, which I assume gives it the samurai theme. Score: sorta’ fun.

Arc8 Samurai Hold'em

Solitaire Star

Another solitaire game, Solitaire Star has an interesting “lock” function. To clear cards, you can place a card on the discard pile that is one higher or one lower than what is currently on top. For example if there’s a Jack, you can play a ten or a Queen. Once you’ve played all the cards on the table up to a lock, the rest of that column is now unlocked, and you can continue. The goal is to clear the table before you run out of cards. Final score: fun.

Arc8 Solitaire Star

Man City Striker

Man City Striker is one of the only two actual sports-themed games in Arc8. Your job is to kick a football/soccer ball past the goalie and into the goal. Try to kick the ball through the moving ring of fire, because that’s how real football is played in Manchester! Final score: sorta’ fun.

Arc8 Man City Striker

Hoop Shot

Hoop Shot is the other sports-themed game in Arc8. Essentially it’s a physics-based game where you try to bounce or launch a basketball from hoop to hoop as you move up in the screen. If you miss a shot, hopefully a lower hoop will catch your ball and you can try again, or the game is over. Final score: sorta’ fun.

Arc8 Hoop Shot

Cool Cats Combinations

Cool Cats Combinations is a clone of Hexonix which is a clone of Block! Hexa Puzzle and which uses…cold cats. For the theme I mean. No cats were actually frozen during the making of this game. Match and combine numbers on hexagons to clear the board. Final score: not too much fun.

Arc8 Cool Cats Combinations


Run! is a new take on Pac-Man. The gameplay is more or less the same, except the playing field is seemingly neverending, and there’s a deadly laser slowly advancing up from the bottom. See how long you can last! Final score: fun.

Arc8 Run!

Karate Kido 2

Karate Kido 2 is a very simple, yet somehow difficult game that rings a bell, but I can’t quite put my finger on where I’ve seen the name before. Karate Kitty, Karate Kiddoes…nope, but it’s on the tip of my tongue. In this game, you control a martial arts master as he whacks on a collapsing tree, trying to avoid branches as they fall down. Final score: sorta’ fun.

Arc8 Karate Kido

Arc8 Conclusion

If you eventually score enough in Arc8, you can unlock two more free games: Energy Wars, and Dark Lords. The current 13 games however are more than enough for me to enjoy a few hours at a time in the same app, but never too long in the same game. As mentioned, the current value of GMEE isn’t so high, so your earnings won’t be too high either for the moment, but that could change. Now is the perfect time to hone your skills. It’s also the right time to buy into the game and enter high-stakes tournaments later.

Arc8 GMEE price

Most of the games in Arc8 are rather fun, some are sorta’ boring, but overall it’s an app that is worth getting to know if you like classic arcade and card games. Arc8 final score: very fun!

Our Review
Fun to Play
Easy to Learn
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