Alpha League Racing

Alpha League Racing poster review
  • Alpha League Racing poster review
  • Alpha League Racing race gameplay review
  • Alpha League Racing gameplay review
  • Alpha League Racing cars review
  • Alpha League Racing courses review
  • Alpha League Racing poster review
Our Review
Fun to Play
Easy to Learn


  • Fun to play, great graphics, audio and overall feel
  • Ongoing tournaments to keep you playing for hours
  • Very cheap NFTs


  • Need to buy an NFT to play
  • Getting started can be confusing if don't have a wallet
  • Must be in the top 50% to win prizes
Time of writing • 16 January 2023

Alpha League Racing Review

Alpha League Racing is a fast-paced, retro-future arcade racing game. It’s a really simple and fun game without any complicated storylines or gimmicks. You get a car, you race, and if you are good enough, you earn rewards.

Alpha League Racing is browser-based so you can jump in any time you want, and you can even play a demo so there's no need to create an account to do a few quick laps.

Alpha League Racing Gameplay

To get into the game you first need to get a car in your garage. All the cars in Alpha League Racing are NFTs. You can pick one out from for as low as 0.26 SOL, which at the time of writing equals roughly 0.067 USD. So it’s practically free to buy a car and start racing and earning SOL. You can pick between Ranger or Muscle class, and they all have evolution stages from 1 to 4, marking the rarity and difficulty class.

Alpha League Racing cars review

Tournaments are based on car classes so if you want to race in multiple tournaments at a time you need different cars with different Evo levels. I suggest getting one Ranger and one Muscle car to feel the difference and participate in more than one Tournament.

When it comes to racing games, the controls are everything! Being an arcade game the controls in Alpha League Racing are simple and the game is really easy to get into without a long learning curve. 
It takes a race or three to get used to the steering and the sensitivity of the controls, but once you get the hang of it, it's super smooth and precise. You can even use a console controller if you want to. 

One slightly annoying thing about the controls is that the Reset button completely resets the race. You don't have a Reset-to-Track function that puts you back when you have crashed outside the track barriers and just need to get back on your route. Some tracks have water on the sides, and once you fall in it's impossible to get back, so a Reset-to-Track function would be super helpful. And if you want to quit halfway through there is a very appropriately named button in the game menu—Rage Quit—that gets a smile from me every time I press it. :)

Alpha League Racing gameplay review

Alpha League Racing Controls

Menu: ESC 

Restart: R

Steering: WASD / arrow keys

Boost: Shift / Spacebar

Alpha League Racing Graphics and Sound

The game looks really cool—futuristic and retro at the same time. The aesthetics are very trendy I think and it immediately reminds me of the retro-futuristic look used by mega-artists like David Guetta & Sia. Currently, there are three very different track environments that all look pretty nice and offer good variety. I suggest starting with “Midnight Woofers” as it’s the most beginner-friendly with solid borders around the track so you can't stray outside and risk beginning from the start. You can change your graphics settings to match your device capabilities so the game runs smoothly for you.

Alpha League Racing courses review

The menu background music and the soundtrack in the background of the actual races are catchy and full of power to get your heartbeat up and ready to put the pedal to the metal. You can adjust the master volume, FX and Sound individually from the race menu (ESC).

Alpha League Racing Onboarding

Getting started is on one hand easy, and on the other a bit too hard. You can jump into the demo version straight away without any NFTs and enjoy the gameplay, but if you want to own a car and try out the actual game there are a few steps you need to take:

  • Go to 
  • Connect a wallet: Phantom, Slope or Solflare;
  • Click “Buy A Car On Me” (very weird wording) that directs you to the store;
  • Now you need to complete a purchase and buy the car NFT with SOL, and depending on what wallets you have and what coins you have this can take from 1 minute to 15 if you are completely new to the crypto world;
  • Once you have completed the purchase you need to sync your garage to import the NFT into the game, and only then you can actually use the car and start racing.

If you happen to get stuck you can always join Alpha League Racing’s Discord server where you can ask for help. The community has over 2000 users and the developers are very active and always available to help.

Alpha League Racing race gameplay review

Alpha League Racing—Verdict

Overall the game looks really fun and it's a perfect time-killer for the more casual gamer. It's cheap to start, and there is actually a really nice chance to earn SOL (which has dropped massively in value due to the FTX saga and the overall crypto winter).
The tournaments are fun and actually engaging as you want to progress and get in the Top 50% to be eligible to win prizes.

Our Review
Fun to Play
Easy to Learn
Cost to Start Playing