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How to Play Alien Worlds and Start Earning Trilium

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  1. What is Alien Worlds?
  1. Get a Cloud Wallet
  2. Go to Alien Worlds
  3. Getting started in Alien Worlds
  4. Start mining Trilium
  5. Conclusion

1. What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is a Web3 card-based, play-to-earn game in which players mine for Trilium, the game’s in-game currency, on one of six different worlds. The game is a metaverse that offers players NFTs in the various forms of mining tools, minions to help in the game, land to mine, and weapons to defend claims.

2. Get a Cloud Wallet

A Cloud Wallet (formerly known as WAX Wallet) is required to start playing Alien Worlds. Go to the Cloud Wallet homepage to sign up.

Alien Worlds cloud wallet homepage

Then choose a social media account to sign up with, or enter an email address and password.

Alien Worlds cloud wallet register

3. Go to Alien Worlds

Once you have your Cloud Wallet, go to Alien Worlds, and click on “PLAY NOW”. You don’t need to add money to start playing.

Alien Worlds play now

Now you just need to choose an avatar for yourself, choose a username, enter your email, verify your age, and agree to the terms and conditions.

Alien Worlds register new player

4. Getting started in Alien Worlds

To get started in Alien Worlds, you’ll need to choose a planet to mine. Each planet has unique characteristics, such as landscapes, terrains, and indigenous life. Decide which planet is most interesting for you, and click on it.

Alien Worlds planets

Now you’ll need to choose which specific terrain you would like to mine. Then select a rarity. This determines the potential value of what you mine. Each planet tends to have certain types of terrain, some of which yield less when you mine, but when it does yield, it’s a bigger payout. Various mining tools are more effective in different types of terrain as well, but this will become clearer as you gain experience in Alien Worlds.

Alien Worlds land

You’ll also need a tool for mining. By starting the game you’ll be given the default “standard shovel”. As you progress in the game, you can buy more tools, and upgrade the ones you already have. You can use a maximum of three tools at a time.

Alien Worlds tools

For beginners, don’t worry about buying a piece of land just yet. It’s much easier to rent one, and all you have to pay is a commission of what you’ve mined (each rate is listed on the land card). Select a piece of land you’d like to mine, and click on “Set Land”.

Alien Worlds choose land

When you click on “Set Land”, you’ll need to approve the transaction on your Cloud Wallet.

Alien Worlds transaction

5. Start mining Trilium

Now you’re ready to start playing Alien Worlds! Click on the “Mine” button.

Alien Worlds mine

The game will automatically mine for Trilium using the settings you have chosen. This only takes a moment. When it’s ready, you’ll need to click on “Submit Mine”.

Alien Worlds submit mine

This will require another transaction approval in your Cloud Wallet.

Alien Worlds another transaction

Once you’ve approved the transaction, you’ll find out how much Trilium you’ve mined.

Alien Worlds Trilium

6. Conclusion

This concludes the basics of how to play Alien Worlds! After you’ve mined some Trilium, feel free to enhance your game experience with “shining” (combining game elements to increase their rarity), going on “missions”, and participating in “governance”.

Alien Worlds advanced play
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