Superb API Documentation

Open Web3 Gaming Metadata Protocol

OpenGameMeta is a list of gaming networks and a game metadata catalog. Game studios and developers can use the information from this repository to get more accurate information about smart contracts and tokens to build better Web3 games and validate game-related contracts and details.

The goal is to build an open and social Web3 gaming graph for the game developers’ community to build trust, and a secure way to validate gaming data.

OpenGameMeta is a game-dev-curated, open protocol that any game developer can use and build with. It's part of the future of Web3 game development.

The official Github repo for OpenGameMeta is

Game networks

Networks listed here are used in Web3 games and can connect with users’ Web3 wallets. Superb Wallet Extension is the leading integrator, but many others may support multiple chains using data from here. This uses information that may also be seen on (

We want to unify and support other blockchains in addition to EVM-compatible chains. We also invite Web3 and game developers to think about how to solve cross-chain and interoperability issues.

Module is a Superb-related parameter to define the type of the network, so we know which engine to use.

Possible options are:

  • EVM (evm)-compatible L2 & L3 networks goes here as well
  • Solana (solana)
  • Cosmos (cosmos)
  • Bitcoin (bitcoin)
  • Polkadot (polkadot)
  • WAX (wax)—even if it’s an EOS fork, we thought it would be better to separate
  • EOS (eos)
  • ICON (icon)
  • Obyte (obyte)

Location: /networks An example for Ethereum Mainnet is under “/networks/ethereum-1.json”.

Game metadata

Game metadata is vital so wallets and other Web3 games and projects can verify and interact with those contracts and tokens. Be aware of metadata and other details needed to be presented as intended.

Game metadata has the following core elements like name, description, and logo; additionally, network reference and smart contract information for all assets for each referenced network.

Location: /games An example for The Smurfs Society is under “/networks/the-smurfs-society.json”.

Adding your game data

When adding your game metadata and network information, please find the template in /template folder.

When adding new game PR, please also add the game’s Terms of Conditions and Privacy Policy links, as well as Whitepaper/Litepaper if one exists. Additionally, please add your game type—free-to-play, DeFi, play-to-earn, etc.

The official Github repo for OpenGameMeta to submit your game metadata is

Superb Wallet

Having OpenGameMeta added and verified for your game allows Superb Wallet and other web3 products know about your game branding and connected smart contracts like NFT assets (ERC721 & ERC1155) as well as ERC20 tokens and even NFT rentingd and DeFi contracts.

Once we detect URL of the game Superb Wallet offers following:

  • Game discovery and community access (favourites)
  • Automatic network switching
  • Autoconnect
  • Show user game portfolio
  • Get NFT marketplace listings and BUY without leaving from game/wallet
  • Get user profile (Superb ID) for simplified login/SSO

Call Superb Wallet as featured

To call Superb Wallet as default use window.isSuperb object to detect if Superb Wallet is installed. Then call window.superbWallet to interacti with.

Superb Wallet will also be accessible via common connectors like Wagmi, WalletConnect, RainbowKit and Blocknative Web3Onboard.