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What We Can Do For You?

Web3 games for all players.

Superb is a comprehensive Web3 games portal aimed at ordinary gamers.


Our mission is to find and elevate Web3 games that stand out for their quality, innovation and ease-of-access.


To provide a trusted and neutral platform for players to give feedback and participate in making Web3 games better.


Starting and playing a Web3 game should be as easy as any other game. We will provide the tools.

Our Team

Meet the Team

Marko Mänd

Founder & CEO

15 years marketing and gaming entrepreneur

Kaaren Kaer

Co-Founder & Product Owner

15 years game design and product development experience

Alvar Laigna

Co-Founder & CTO

25 years technology and 7 years Web3 experience

Ivar Jaanus

Business Development

10+ years marketing and BizDev

Rene Rebane

CXO & Project Lead

10+ years UX/UI and product development experience

Taavet Maask

Full-Stack Engineer

Paul Hallik

Full-Stack Engineer