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Our Mission

The world of Web3 gaming is still a relatively new and uncharted territory. Lots of gamers are interested in trying Web3 games but discovery, onboarding, and fear of scams remain major hurdles. Our mission is to solve those issues by providing an onboarding experience that is as simple, fast and secure as starting any traditional game, with the added benefit of having all your Web3 assets securely at your disposal no matter what game you’re playing.

Are you looking for a Web3 game that is fun, engaging, and might even give you a chance to earn? Tired of scrolling through various forums and sub-channels? is building a definitive list of all available Web3 games. We’re also building tools that find and highlight Web3 games that stand out for their quality, innovation, and ease of accessing.


We envision as a community-driven platform where players can rely on the help and recommendations of their peers to find games that they would likely want to play. Our users will have the tools to submit reviews, organize communities, and most importantly — provide feedback to developers and actively contribute to the improvement of Web3 games.


Trying out a typical Web3 game is often a frustrating and complicated experience. To solve this, we’re building Superb Wallet—a cross-chain, automatic wallet that will provide you with quick and easy access to every Web3 game. It will support all major (and minor) blockchains, and comes with built-in access to the biggest NFT marketplaces. Superb Wallet will provide a seamless Web3 experience, allowing you to focus on what’s most important — gaming.

Our Team

Meet the Team

Marko Mänd

Founder & CEO

15 years marketing and gaming entrepreneur

Kaaren Kaer

Co-Founder & Product Owner

15 years game design and product development experience

Alvar Laigna

Co-Founder & CTO

25 years technology and 7 years Web3 experience

Ivar Jaanus

Business Development

10+ years marketing and BizDev

Rene Rebane

CXO & Project Lead

10+ years UX/UI and product development experience

Taavet Maask

Full-Stack Engineer

Paul Hallik

Full-Stack Engineer